Highly-experienced media blasting in Auckland

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When your project demands media blasting services, contact the experts at C A Levien Ltd in Auckland. We offer comprehensive services, short turn-around times, and a professional finish that'll leave you completely satisfied. 

We've pressure blasted large numbers of decorations for many movies filmed in New Zealand. These include many well-known films such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Laundry Warrior, Spartacus and 30 Days of Night.

We come to you, providing quality media blasting for a whole range of purposes. Our solutions are cost-effective and on-time. For any sized project we can help. 

Completed media blasting in Auckland


The team at C A Levien Ltd in Auckland has more than 20 years' experience in the pressure blasting industry. This means we can quickly size up any project and decide on the materials most likely to deliver the desired result. Our experience saves you time and money. We've done media blasting to restore innumerable surfaces, and can provide your project with the best possible finish. We'll get it ready for lights, camera, action.


Our Auckland-based team knows how costly and annoying unreliable contractors can be. In the film industry you're on a tight schedule. We understand. So we promise to arrive at the pre-agreed time, every time, and to complete your media blasting job quickly, with great results.

For exceptional media blasting on a whole range of projects, big and small, call us today.


From large-scale movie projects to one-off stage and set improvements, call us for media blasting in Auckland today. Our adaptable team at C A Levien Ltd offers excellent service, first-rate media blasting, and a commitment to quality.

We use a range of blasting substances and techniques. Depending on the surface being prepared, we can prime it to your satisfaction. Clearing away years of debris and neglect without harming the underlying surface is what we do best.